VOICE is an independent non-political group formed in 2015 because of threats to health services in West Cumbria. See a handout about us here


We fought through the Government Success Regime which we considered largely unsuccessful. We are now Working Together with the NHS to shape good quality services for our area. The process is new, not perfect, and there will always be tensions. However, we think it has had its first success...


The Working Together process impressed the Independent Review Group when they were researching the sustainability of consultant-led maternity services in West Cumbria. After a year's work they recommended that these services were sustainable into the future and that the collaborative Working Together approach between the community and the NHS should continue. Their recommendations were unanimously accepted by Cumbrian NHS bodies and applauded by community members at a public meeting in July 2019.  

Voice members continue to engage with, question and pressure all the organisations involved in planning our services.  We believe that we have here a great opportunity. Rather than suffer diminished services, this area could create an innovative health and care system which fits the needs of remote communities in the UK and beyond.

Can you help?  Join us in Working Together. The ideas and energy of local people - not just health service managers - are needed if we are to maintain and even improve our health and care services.

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