VOICE documents

This is by no means a compehensive list of the documents we have produced but does contain those of significance



May 2018, VOICE position paper on stroke services


November 2017, Chairman's report for 2016/17


November 2017, Treasurer's report for 2016/17


19 December 2016, Revised analysis of the impact of travel to hospitals and accompanying notes. In the original on 26 October (see below) census figures for some postcode sectors in Whitehaven and Cockermouth had not been included in the totals. 

19 December 2016, Voice writes to Success Regime on research foundation of the safety (or not) of long journeys for maternity care

18 December 2016, Revised Voice response to consultation to include information on new statistics on trauma care (p2 para 3)

5 December 2016, Voice sends response to Stakeholder Regime consultation

13 December 2016, Voice formal response to public consultation on Healthcare for the future in West, North and East Cumbria with accompanying summary 

22 November 2016, Voice Annual Report 2015-16

31 October 2016, briefing notes on the public consultation on The Future of Healthcare in West, North and East Cumbria

31 October 2016, letter of support for UcLan bid for training places for UK medical students at Whitehaven Campus

26 October 2016, Letter from VOICE to Stephen Childs, CEO of the Cumbria CCG with an analysis of the impact of travel to hospitals 

August 2016, Comments on Success Regime Stakeholder Briefing

March 2016, introduction to VOICE article for publication

8 March 2016, letter to Stephen Singleton, Success Regime on Stroke Pathway


8 March 2016, response to Neil McKay, Success Regime on their Progress Report February 2016 also published in Whitehaven News and on CN Group website


26 January 2016, letter to Whitehaven News about West Cumberland Hospital


A Sustainable Model for Health Care


VOICE constitution